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Todd A Morgan, MA, LPC

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When you feel like you’ve run out of viable options for your situation—and yet you still have faith to keep moving forward—therapy can be a great place to learn how to get back on the right track.

People are often surprised when they meet me and learn I’m a therapist. It’s not every day a Marine Corps veteran with my build and my knuckle tattoos asks to hear about your drama, trauma, hurts, habits, and hang-ups. But clients tell me it’s easy to relate with me. I have always aimed to create a therapeutic environment where we can be ourselves and connect deeply, so that you can feel relaxed… and feel prepared to take on the work ahead.

I love what I do so much that sometimes it doesn’t feel like a job. I remember that, as a kid, I would try to talk to my friends about life issues, even when they’d rather talk about cars, the best athlete in a particular sport, or the state of the Broncos. Doing this feels like a calling, because my love of relating to other people is my gift that I get to offer to the world.

Relationships are everything

Therapists approach their work in lots of different ways. I believe that everything is rooted in relationships, which is why my best work happens with individuals and couples who understand how important connection is, and are ready to do the work. 

For so many people, what they believe about their situation becomes their emotional experience of that situation. What we believe about it becomes the “truth” to us. This makes it almost impossible to take the people we love at face value without twisting their words. We wind up coming up with our own meaning, and then holding the other person accountable like that’s what they actually meant. 

The vast majority of us struggle with some self-centeredness. I find that people become really rehearsed in what triggers them and that is the baggage they bring into a relationship. They make their partner responsible for how they feel—until they can be shown that it’s actually their thought process that they are responsible for—and that’s what therapy is for.

What we can do together

I use a number of different tools to help break these patterns. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a proven modality of treatment where a client learns to examine their thinking, and begin questioning any negative beliefs, assumptions, or feelings they find. Mindfulness-based approaches teach us how to pay attention to what is actually happening in the moment in order to respond to our actual circumstances, without judgment. I also use frameworks from programs like Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, which uses humor and a clever metaphor about “countries” to visualize conflict patterns between spouses.

Everyone needs something different. Once we figure out what the best approach is for you, we’ll learn how to use communication and our cognitive process to resolve your issues—instead of allowing your communication habits and thinking errors to keep you stuck on a problem.

Let’s get started

As your therapist, I’ll set out to build the rapport we’ll need in order to build an authentic relationship where I will give you hard truths you need to hear, and then hold you accountable to doing the work that will create positive change. Many people are used to getting discouragement as encouragement, especially from themselves, but that is going to change!

Your ability to be engaged and vulnerable is even more important than any technique or modality of treatment. That and the ability to have an authentic, personal relationship (with boundaries, of course.) 

I look forward to hearing from you and getting started in our work together! To get started now, simply click on the contact link, complete the questionnaire, and click on submit.  I’ll converse with you soon!

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