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Renew Your Mind

There is no reason couples’ counseling has to be like going to the dentist…PAINFUL! In fact, most couples coming to counseling have already experienced plenty of pain (I know, not in all cases but frequently). There is a lot of healing in humor, joy, and a fresh perspective can be learned. For couples who chose to add Laugh Your Way to their counseling treatment plan, part of the experience will be to watch the DVD series by Pastor Mark Gungor, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. The couple will also complete a Flag Page, which is a life motivator assessment, not a personality test. The DVD series looks at generalities in behavior between men and women in a light, humorous way. I have had many couples say that part of the humor is the presenter himself, while the other part of the humor is that the content is so true. “The Tale of Two Brains”, “Yo Momma”, and “How To Stay Married Without Killing Anyone” are just a few of the DVD segments couples enjoy watching.

The Flag Page is a great resource that brings a new level of understanding to the couple. Whether it is self-understanding (Oh, that’s why I do that) or better understanding of your spouse (Oh, that’s why he/she does that) once couples complete the Flag Page they have a new tool that can help resolve a lot of issues and no one died doing it! It is also a tool to use in an ongoing process as your relationship grows and matures. As a counselor, I love the LYW material and see the huge benefits it gives to the couples I work with.

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